Today with the flow of time the entire science, religion and whole world appear to have reached at a very important turning point. The advanced technology and modern culture has made human life more easy and comfortable, but on other hand has taken man far away from Nature. There is realization about the significance of human inter-relationship and man’s relationship with Nature. All over the world there is growing awareness about the coexistence between man and Nature. Man is part and parcel of Nature.

Anand-Kunj is a campus that fulfills all the necessities of modern man in the field of health and happiness. This is a unique campus working based on the traditional Indian wisdom and modern scientific understanding. The natural health care services, education, scientific research in the field of  holistic healing and the social, spiritual up-liftment based on ‘best of east and best of west’ are the prime activities in the campus. You are welcome to your Center – the core of Nature. Return to Nature is Need of Hour !

Health Care Services

Facilities & Amenities

The preventive and integrative health care services are offered at Anandkunj. This is a 100 bedded indoor Ashram wherein the modern facilities are blended with traditional and natural way of living. The building structures are of traditional architrave providing absolute natural atmosphere. The serene atmosphere with verdant surrounding greenery is fitting back drop to learn the method and techniques of art of healthy living. This home is run with service zeal aspired from ideals like Mother Teresa and Baba Amte.

Treatment Programs

Anandkunj is known as ‘First choice or Last resort for all Diseases’.  People come here, for prevention as well as treatment. Often they come to Nature, as a first choice and some times as a last resort! We treat all types of disorders, particularly chronic, rare and incurable conditions. Our all multidisciplinary treatment plans provide a researched, medical alternative to many of the other treatment modalities available. Our caring, compassionate therapy staff provides the treatment program in a kind and supportive atmosphere.

Free Health Education

Health is basically, one’s own responsibility. Primarily the doctor has the role of educator or teacher. All illness and misery is the result of lack of knowledge or ignorance. Today holistic health education is almost missing in all our curriculum. Therefore in order to create healthier society, health education is our priority. Online health education programs of short-duration are offered in Marathi, Hindi and English for anyone who wants the hone the skills of healthy living and natural healing, can participate in these courses.

  • Shivambu Bhavan is only of its Kind

    Shivambu Bhavan is only of its Kind

    Shivambu Chikitsa is an ancient science, which was known and is practiced in east as well as in west since time immemorial. I have tried this remedy on myself and on my advise many others also have tried on themselves. I have seen cases of diabetes, cancer and chronic skin aliments have cured by it. For diseases of eye, ear, teeth and skin, it is most effective remedy.  Today i visited this Center, Shashibhai is doing many experiments with promising results. I have eagerly come to see, and encourage such center where patients are admitted and treated with Shivambu.  I feel, perhaps this must be only center of its kind, where Shivambu, Yoga and Nature-cure is used.  More and more case-studies must be gathered and scientific  research must be done to validate it. 

    Shri Morarjibhai Desai
    Former Prime Minister
    Government of India
  • Shivambu & Yoga are Rejuvenating

    Shivambu & Yoga are Rejuvenating

    Urine therapy is the perfect medical solution for the millions of Indians who cannot afford medical treatment. I have practiced it in past on multiple occasions, and it is a profound medicine. Actually it is a one of the ancient yogic technique called Amroli Kriya. Shivambu and yoga if practiced together, is very effective and rejuvenating.  

    George Fernandes
    Former Defense Minister
    Government of India
  • Anandkunj must be Supported..!

    Anandkunj must be Supported..!

    Anandkunj is a very beautiful place. They have very long experience of using  Shivambu, yoga and naturopathy in treatment of various chronic diseases. I stayed at this place for 10 days, which is fully surrounded by natural mountains. I am benefited by the treatments given here. Today, i had an opportunity to officially release a book on Shivambu in Hindi and Marathi. The benefits of this therapy should be made known to more and more people. They are developing and running this center with donations. I feel Anandkunj must be supported by every one. 


    Shri Govindrao Adik
    Former Agriculture Minister
    Government of Maharashtra
  • You have kept Shivambu Yoga alive !

    You have kept Shivambu Yoga alive !

    Shivambu Kalpa Vidhi  is an ancient Indian wisdom.  Using human urine for medicinal purposes, has many references in Ayurvedic scriptures like  Bhavprakash, Ashtang-sangarh, Harit Samhita and Yog-ratnakar. I have used manav-mutra i.e. auto-urine in treatment of many chronic diseases. Along with gou-mutra i.e. cow urine i have advised it to many people and have seen amazing results. There are hundreds of medicines that are manufactured from human urine by multinational pharma companies however  they never tell to people that urine is a rich source of vital compounds.  Today i visited Shivambu bhavan, saw many patients here. Dr. Shash Patil ji is doing great humanitarian seva work and his two sons are keeping this ancient art of healing alive.

    Shri Rajivbhai Dixit
    Social Activist
    Swadeshi Bajao Andolan
  • Anandkunj is a Best Place..!

    Anandkunj is a Best Place..!

    As name suggests Anandkunj is truly abode of health and happiness. I was suggested about auto-urine therapy by one of my friend. Due to my acting profession my daily routine has always been irregular, as a result, off-late i had developed few digestive issues. I stayed here for 10 days, took and loved all yoga and naturopathic treatments that are given here, especially early morning yoga and mud therapies. It is very detoxifying as well as energizing experience. The staff here is very caring and supportive. I wish Dr. Nitin and Dr. Sarang would become reason for helping thousands of ailing patients under the guidance of  honorable Dr. Shashi patil ji.       

    Shri Bal Dhuri
    Famous Film Actor
    Marathi Film Industry
  • I have faith in Shivambu..!

    I have faith in Shivambu..!

    Almost every one knows, these days I am fighting with Ca Breast. I have undergone radical mastectomy followed by multiple cycles of chemo therapy.  Some one told me about Shivambu bhavan, and consulted Dr. Sarang Patil in person. After following the  integrated treatment and diet regimen, as suggested by him my reports have come very encouraging. With this i have developed faith in this Shivambu and I am looking forward to get admitted at Anandkunj for further treatment.  

    Smt Smita Talwalkar
    Famous Film Actress
    Marathi Film Industry