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Facilities & Amenities

Anandkunj is spread over a thirty acres of beautiful land, away from rat -race of city life and its pollution. The fresh air, clear sunshine, pure stream-water, and panoramic view of beautiful green hills with different trees and birds abundantly enrich this place. The Anandkunj campus is engaged in four fold activities of SHRI: (i) Health Care Service, (ii) Health Education, (iii) Health Research, and (iv) Health Awareness

Shri Keshavlal R. Shah Holistic Health Home – Shivambu Naturopathy and Yogasharam

Natural and holistic health care services are offered through this wing at Anandkunj. This is a 100 bedded indoor  Center wherein the modern facilities are blended with traditional and natural way of living. The building structures are of traditional architrave providing absolute natural atmosphere. The serene atmosphere with verdant surrounding greenery is fitting back drop to learn the method and techniques of art of healthy living. 

  • Ashram Ambiance: This is a unique health home, where health promotion is done through ancient disciplined culture, acknowledging the healing power of nature unlike modern day health resorts or commercial enjoyment center. This is a true Holistic Health Ashram based on the principles preached and practiced by Mahatma Gandhi.
  • Treatment Sections: The Ashram has in-house treatment facility with various departments. In this temple of health, there are separate treatment departments of Yoga, Naturopathy and Amroli-Chikista for ladies and gents. There is a full-fledged facility for administering hydrotherapy, fasting therapy, Panch-karma, mud therapy, chromo-therapy, underground mud therapy, magneto-therapy, acupressure, acupuncture, physio-therapy, electrotherapy and other natural modalities.
  • Accommodation: There are separate residential wards, special rooms and pyramidal shaped cottages constructed using natural, locally available material for accommodation of patients. The rooms are furnished with all basic amenities.
  • Diet & Nutrition: Your food is your Medicine. The therapeutic food and diet for patients is prepared and served in the specially designed well-equipped kitchen, diet section and a dining hall. Also there is a separate dining facility for all patient-attendants and the staff members wherein normal satvik food is served. The diet and food that is given to patients is grown using natural, traditional agricultural methods.
  • Yoga and Meditation Hall: There is a pyramidal shaped grand hall equipped with all audiovisual aids for yoga practice, prayer and meditation.
  • Library: Readers are the leaders. There is a library of books, audio-video cassettes, CDs on health-related topics and literature.
  • Swimming Pool: There is big sized swimming pool for under water exercise therapy.
  • Other features: There is a laboratory for routine diagnostic investigations in this center. Also for nature watch, sky meditation, and for acupressure there is specially prepared walking track.  There is a garden of various aromatic flowers and Ayurvedic herbal trees. The dairy farm is also an important part of this center. There is 24 hours Ambulance facility in case of any medical emergency.
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Facilities & Amenities