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    This is our last day out of ten in Anandkunj. I came after hearing the very good results obtained by Rainbow who like me is a cancer patient. My friend Vardan though in a very good health did the treatments as well. We both found all the staff excellent and very caring. And all the doctors have been very pleasant. Answering all the questions and always trying their best to improve our condition. The program here is very complete, and we learned a lot, so that we feel really convinced about Shivambu and its benefits. We shall follow the given regimen a home. For sure we shall recommend this very special place to all suffering people.

    Verdan Chevreav
    Ragen Gurny, Switzerland
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    Heard about this Center through a fellow yoga teacher – Jo Mosq (Isarali) who came here some years back and now she and her husband (Dao) run colon cleansing camps in Spain. I was curious and wanted to clear-out a bit myself.
    I feel great gratitude in being introduced to Shivambu practice, I will certainly continue it. Initially I found it a difficult experience here because of detoxification and negativity coming out, but I understand this is a natural process. The people here are very kind; the integrated treatment program appears to be very effective. The nature here is so pure and the calm atmosphere makes it perfect for meditation and prayer.

    Paddy Megrath
    Narrogin, Australia
  • Svetlana1- 1567 -.jpg

    I would like to thank all for the wonderful experience that I had during these 20 days. The treatments here have given me hope to recover from my serious illness. Hope to stay healthy and happy for a long time. My stay here made me feel like I was a part of a family. I feel like a new person after these treatments mostly not even physically, but mentally and spiritually. I feel that I am very powerful; I can stay healthy and live happy long years. It’s all in my hands. Thank you so much for helping me to realize this!

    Svetlana Goncharova
    211018, Vetbsk, Orsha, Belarus
  • Lucia Spadarao 1556-  1.jpg

    My ten days stay was very nice and well taken care. Without going too far I felt like ‘Alice in the wonderful world’. Thanks God, I don’t have big problem with my health, as many people I also felt depressed from time to time, so I decided to see urine-therapy as purification process.
    In my opinion, this process of Amroli is the best way to know and understand our own body, the feelings and emotions it contains and the kind of food it needs. I feel Shivambu not only heals the outer (physical) disorders but helps to balance the inner (psycho-emotional) fluctuations. From now I will thank my body for the magical power of water. The best thing of this therapy is that it not only eliminates the symptoms, but also works on the root cause.

    Lucia Spadaro
    Via F. Anzani, 2, Nilano, Italy
  • Andriya-1520.jpg

    I am very impressed and completely convinced of the Nature oriented Shivambu therapies with all the complementary treatments such as acupressure, sun-bath, mud-packs, massage, magnet therapy etc which are integrated given here. I find it such an important approach to treat diseases in a natural way and this treatment is not just the most natural one but also a very effective one. I am amazed about the incredible results and it is wonderful that they are able to help so many very ill people.
    What is more, I find it so important that here they are not just improving our physical health but also our mental and spiritual health through yoga, pranayam and satsang. This holistic approach to cure someone is what is missing in all western hospitals and health centers. The Shivambu Health Research Institute is really an excellent example their message and philosophy has to spread to other places. I will do my best to support them. Thank you very much for everything!

    Andrea Bleiker
    Allmendstrasse, 43, 8180, Bielach, Switzerland
  • Om Nama 1704 -.jpg

    I am studying yoga ever since I have come to India. I have been trying and practicing various techniques enumerated in Hatha Yoga Pradipika. I came to learn and master the technique of Amroli at this center. I did Shivambu fasting and took all the treatments here which are very well administered. All this has deepened my spiritual experience which is beyond this body.

    Om Nama
  • Kozo Adachi  1885 -.jpg

    Thank you very much for everything you have done for me during my stay. This is the first time I have taken all the urine (almost) daily, although I have been taking the morning urine since long time. When I started drinking urine, my sensitivity to smell and taste extremely increased and I felt my power & energy level improving and increasing. I felt I was being detoxified gradually. I think urine therapy and fasting are wonderful ideal method to purify the body and mind.

    Kozo Adachi
    Gifu-Ken, Japan
  • Laura archittu-1497.jpg

    From long time I was dreaming this; that somebody takes care of me (and my health problems) in a so loving, effective and complete way. I am from Italy, I have diabetes since childhood and in these last three years (I am now 50 years old) my condition has become more serious and I also have high-blood-pressure and problems in the arteries of my both legs.
    This therapy has been very good for me that my blood pressure is now normal, the sugar in blood has become less and I feel much more energetic and happy. I believe that I can improve more with Shivambu and following the wise advises I received here. It has been wonderful for me to know this ancient healing method that appears to me like art, so I will use it for myself and I will try to suggest it to others. This is for me once more the proof that mother India is the root of the world.

    Laura Archittu
    1006, Giovani, Italy
  • Elizabeth-1571.jpg

    Very deep gratitude to everyone here, at Shivambu Center, for their amazing devotion, great skill and unsuppressed authenticity. The positive vibrations, the health and happiness that emanate from everyone is truly inspiring.
    I heard about auto-urine-therapy three years ago, at a seminar on ‘Self help health care’. I felt totally impelled to find out this medicine. I feel how strange it is that on one side people ridicule about using the water flowing from their own body for healing and other side they easily and willingly consume nicely packed chemical drugs every day without question.
    I came here with many aches and pains all over body, especially a shoulder and neck injury of 40 years duration. The shoulder pain is 90 percent gone now after 21 days of program, that included seven days fasting, daily massage, acupressure, steam and mud treatments, compresses, daily yoga and breathing exercises. I also came with years of pain and stagnation in middle region of the body, with digestive difficulties as well as high cholesterol levels. These problems are also 80-90 percent resolved.
    Coming to this center is the highlight of many years of experimentation and research into alternative natural health, and I feel I have found at last the ‘Perfect Medicine’.

    Juniper Elizabeth Lavine
    3005, Rochester, MN, USA
  • Janina-1521.jpg

    It was a wonderful experience to stay here. I and my friend felt very much at home. Everyone was taking care of us and with such a warm heart, which I have never seen before in a Hospital! Being here showed me the importance to be close with the Nature and how powerful Nature’s healing potential is.
    Coming into contact with urine-therapy and having the opportunity to read a book about it, gave me a surprising new vision of the healing potentials within each of us. It was very inspiring to be taking care of not only on physical level but also spiritually with the prayer and chanting in the evening. The therapy program was very complete and holistic, everything included for my feeling. I feel this regimen has given a boost to my immunity. It showed me a new way, how to take care of myself very healthily. Thank you everyone

    Janina Prossonsky
    Dresoener Strasse, 125, 10999-Berlin, Germany.
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    I am Mr. Narayan Pol, a 28 years old tractor mechanic meet with an accident that caused a huge ulcerative wound on my left leg. I tried all possible modern conventional therapies up to skin grafting. There was no sign of healing of wound even after spending 1 to 1.5 Lakhs rupees. Finally I was advised for leg amputation.
    I was told by various people about the wonderful healing properties of auto-urine therapy, and alternative therapies. Finally my father took me to the Shivambu Center in Kolhapur and admitted me for a period of one month. I all followed all the treatments religiously including balanced diet and nutrition. The results are miraculous. Now my non- healing wound is completely healed and the locked calcified left knee joint is totally freed. Now I can ride bicycle and have returned to work as before.

    Mr. Narayan Pol
  • I came to Shivambu Bhavan after a very difficult lungs illness which had incapacitated me for three years. I have a congenital lungs condition similar to cystic fibrosis. My stay for a month has been fruitful and Dr. Sarang management of the condition and the techniques learned has been extremely helpful. Also Dr. Shashi Patil has very much contributed to helping me reestablish my health.

    I am sure that with follow-up regime I will fully improve my condition. I hope to come back in three or four months for follow up. Thank you so much for all the physicians, staff at Shivambu Bhavan for helping me regain my health.

    Rebeca Siegal
    Ph.D Prof., Arizona State University, Phoenix, USA
  • 1Candian_Dorthe1.jpg

    Very sweet and helpful people are working here. Every one of you, thank you so much for your sweetness. This is my first trip to India. In Anandkunj I really got to see the great Indian culture and I got to meet the Indian people (the patients and workers). This has been very sweet and I will miss everyone when I leave tomorrow. I have the trouble of optic neuritis and cervical hyperplasia. I took ten days of intensive integrated treatments and hope this have very positive effect on my disease. The natural treatments given here are very nice especially the mud packs and every day massage. The fast have been very tough and very cleansing for me. I hope I will continue to discover good health benefits for my optic nerve and for my body in general. I thank the Patil family for open hearted kindness; it has been beautiful to meet you. You have been always here and with loving kindness solved every possible problem.

    Dorthe Wolft Sorensen
  • I came here not really knowing what to expect. The treatment naturally sounded exotic to me. And the whole program included a number of other therapies that are regarded with some skepticism in the west. I am here in India, however to give trial to the various therapies that have been developed here, as one thing I have come to believe is that the East has a far deeper and more intuitive understanding of the mind and body than we do in the West. Although I came here with mo major physical aliment, I did have a mild problem of piles and constipation, and I am happy to report that it seems to have completely disappeared. I am also feeling definite freshness in the mind and lightness in the body. The staff was very nice also, so all in all a very positive experience. Thanks for everything. All the best.

    Clive, UK